6 Piece 4 Flute End Mill Set

6 Piece 4 Flute End Mill Set

  • $54.95


Four flute end mills are generally considered to be better for harder materials and when improved surface finish is needed. This 6 piece set has 3 different sizes and both ball and square ends.

As with all of our solid carbide end mills, these are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, processes and inspection techniques. They are manufactured in the state of Michigan using 100% American made materials.

Set includes 1 of each:

4F1204250 4 Flute Square Nose 1/4"
4F1354250 4 Flute Ball Nose 1/4"
4F1204125 4 Flute Square Nose 1/8"
4F1354125 4 Flute Ball Nose 1/8"
4F1204062 4 Flute Square Nose 1/16"
4F1354062 4 Flute Ball Nose 1/16"



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