16 Piece End Mill Set

16 Piece End Mill Set

  • $199.95


From surfacing your spoilboard to fine detail work, this is the set for you. This is the largest end mill set we offer and it is one of our top sellers. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, this set provides a wonderful selection of all the tooling you will need for just about any project you can dream up.

As with all of our solid carbide end mills and carbide tipped router bits, these are manufactured using the latest technology and production techniques and their quality is maintained through ongoing R&D efforts; along with rigid quality control, vital customer feedback and extensive field testing.

Set includes 1 of each:

2F1202250    2 Flute Square Nose 1/4"
4F1204250    4 Flute Square Nose 1/4"
2F1352250    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/4"
4F1354250    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/4"
2F93137        2 Flute Down Cut 1/4"
2F1202125    2 Flute Square Nose 1/8"
4F1204125    4 Flute Square Nose 1/8"
2F1352125    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/8"
4F1354125    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/8"
2F93135        2 Flute Down Cut 1/8"
2F1202062    2 Flute Square Nose 1/16"
4F1204062    4 Flute Square Nose 1/16"
2F1352062    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/16"
4F1354062    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/16"
90V1502        90 Deg V-Groove
1S6210           Surfacing Bit 1"


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