14 Piece End Mill Set

14 Piece End Mill Set

  • $144.95


Great way to test out a complete selection of end mills. This set include 1/4", 1/8" and 1/16" cutting sizes, 2 and 4 flutes, square and ball noses and down cut style end mills. This set will help get you up and running and give you plenty of options to chose from as you learn what works best for your type of projects.

As with all of our solid carbide end mills, these are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, processes and inspection techniques. They are manufactured in the state of Michigan using 100% American made materials.

Set includes 1 of each:

2F1202250    2 Flute Square Nose 1/4"
4F1204250    4 Flute Square Nose 1/4"
2F1352250    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/4"
4F1354250    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/4"
2F93137        2 Flute Down Cut 1/4"
2F1202125    2 Flute Square Nose 1/8"
4F1204125    4 Flute Square Nose 1/8"
2F1352125    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/8"
4F1354125    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/8"
2F93135        2 Flute Down Cut 1/8"
2F1202062    2 Flute Square Nose 1/16"
4F1204062    4 Flute Square Nose 1/16"
2F1352062    2 Flute Ball Nose 1/16"
4F1354062    4 Flute Ball Nose 1/16"


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