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How long have you owned a CNC machine?
2 years

Is your current CNC machine a router, a mill or something else?

What was your first CNC machine?
X-Carve 500mm

What is your current CNC machine?
X-Carve 1000mm

Do you treat your CNC work as a business or a hobby?
Side Business

How did you get started?
I was laid off from work due to the company lacking projects to have superintendents on and my fiance wanted a cutting board. Needless to say I went all out and needed to get a CNC to make it truly custom.

What is your favorite type of project or item to make using your CNC machine?
Signs for weddings and gifts for anniversaries

What is your favorite type of material to machine?

What is your favorite style of end mill, the one you just can’t live without?
1/8" Down Cut Square End

What type of project(s) are you working on currently?
Several signs and cornhole boards

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Just do it. You will mess up, but it's all a chance to learn and have fun doing it.

What has been your biggest CNC related challenge?
The limitations of free programs. I still haven't pulled the trigger on getting a paid program to really up my capabilities.

How many hours a week would you estimate you run your machine?
3-4 depending on work load

What was your most epic fail or biggest mistake made on your machine or a project involving it?
I had a sign all finished, the only thing left was the carving. I set my zero, had my dust collection on, hit run and walked away to work on something else. I forgot to reset the depth to 1/16" on my carve however and ended up with a very deep cut out that couldn't be salvaged. I put the depth at 1/2" to take a picture and send to the customer for final approval as it makes the rendering easier to see and never reset it.

Any plans or goals for the future concerning your work or equipment?
I would like to try and grow the business and if possible upgrade the programming, the machine, and other tools as the technology advances.

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